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The Malaysia Film Producers Association or Persatuan Pengeluar-pengeluar Filem Malaysia (PFM) was established in 1980. It is a professional organization providing promotion, advocacy, education and networking for our membership. Membership is open to any company or individual of high standing that has managerial, budget or creative control for the production of moving visual media.

PFM promotes the membership throughout our industry and to organizations of companies which use our services. We are advocates for our members in legal, business and political forums affecting our livelihood. The organization delivers on-going professional development to our members as producers, businesspeople and citizens. Finally, fellowship between members builds a network of resources and fosters friendly competition.

The Malaysia Film Producers Association was also the key player in gaining government recognition via FINAS to implement the ‘tax rebate’ and ‘wajib tayang or must show’ system for local film productions. Producers have gained from this implementation.

PFM was also instrumental in the formulation of the National Film Policy “ Dasar Perfilem Kebangsaan” which was approved by government in early 2005. The policy set out the direction for the developments of the industry and provides avenue the assist Malaysian Film Producers.

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