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Affiliated Agencies

Affiliated Agencies

In order to fully assist and support the Malaysian film industry, the government established several agencies to regulate and to tackle many different aspects of film production such as training, providing equipment and protecting the legal rights of film producers. Essentially, these agencies provide legal and technical support, leaving the creative side of the business to respective production houses, creative organizations or person(s) involved in any one production.

National Film Development Corporation of Malaysia

Established in 1981, under the National Film Development Corporation Act (amended 1984); FINAS is responsible to develop, preserve and provide support and encouragement to the Malaysian film industry.

Their duties include:

  • To make recommendations to the minister concerning policies, methods and steps to be implemented to encourage, preserve and aid the development of the local film industry.
  • To develop and encourage progress and maintain standards of the film industry through a variety of methods, including providing advice and research services.
  • To regulate and coordinate activities of person(s) or agencies affiliated to the film industry generally to assist and encourage the development of filmmaking in Malaysia and overseas.
  • To control and enforce laws on production, distribution and exhibition of films in Malaysia and to issue permits or licenses as means to implement regulation.
  • To manage and care for equipment and premises owned by the corporation.

To perform their responsibilities, FINAS conducts surveys on the film industry, provide training facilities or assistance in producing services, facilities or filming equipment, provide credit facility, distribute information about general aspects of the film industry to the public and various other activities as long as they do not directly participate in the process of a particular film production.

Below would be a list of government associations and film related associations that can be found in Malaysia.

Ministry of Communications and Multimedia

Ministry of Home Affairs Malaysia / Film Censorship Board

National Film Development Corporation Malaysia

The Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission

Federeation of Screen Guilds of Malaysia (GAFIM)

Film Director's Association of Malaysia (FDAM)

Karyawan Association Malaysia (KARYAWAN)

Professional Film Workers Association of Malaysia (PROFIMA)

Screenwriters Guild of Malaysia (SWAM)

Seniman Association Malaysia (SENIMAN)

Persatuan Penyanyi, Pemuzik, Penulis Lagu Tanah Air, Malaysia (PAPITA)

Animation Society of Malaysia

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